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April 19, 2008

Young Voters Shun Third parties – More Politics As Usual

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According to a story by the AP’s John Riley (via Raw Story), young voters today are shunning third parties in favor of the traditional two major political parties. One 21-year-old interviewed considered himself “among those who see third-party candidates as spoilers, a view that, coupled with a renewed excitement for major party candidates, is draining key support from third parties in 2008.” And since third-party condidates often get their support from young voters, this year the pickings from the two major parties seemed too good to pass up.

Koch said another reason support for third-party candidates is waning is the dynamics of this year’s presidential race. Strong support for the Democratic candidates, especially Obama, has energized young and first-time voters to turn out in primaries and caucuses.

In addition, there are no particularly strong third-party candidates who have distinguished themselves from the major party candidates this year, Koch said. The possible candidacies of Ralph Nader, former Republican congressman Bob Barr of Georgia and former Democratic congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia have the potential to grab some support from young voters, he said, but probably will not.

As a result of this, the next generation of young voters will help perpetuate the main problem with our two-party system of politics – the two major political parties, and the winner-take-all system of electoral politics that favors it. If you read your US Constitution carefully, you will find that nowhere does it mention political parties. Nor does it specify that there be two and only two “leaders” in each House. By all rights, Sen Bernie Sanders (Soc-VT) should be considered the Socialist Party Leader in the US Senate. It’s the Senate Rules that prevent him from claiming that title. (Note: He is the only Socialist Party member in Congress, but that would still make him the leader.) And the reason it is that way is because the two major parties want it that way. They have convinced Americans that in life, there are always only two choices – us or them. One of us is right, and one of us is wrong. You are not to be given a third choice, which might take a little bit from this guy’s idea and combine it with a little bit if that guy’s idea. You either accept one side’s view whole-heartedly or the other guy’s view. This is no way to govern.

Oh, I understand why they do it. They want to be able to predict and control the outcome as much as possible. The party in power wants to make sure that anything put to the floor for a vote (and as the “majority Party”, they decide which bills come up for a vote and the rules under which they will be “debated” (meaning how many amendments will “be in order” and how much time will be allowed for each vote, and whether or not something will be offered up as a unanimous consent agreement, in which no votes are recorded), will come out the way they want it to. And because “winning” is more important than “governing”, they will disregard the will and the best interests of the People in favor of maintaining their hold on power. And the more we keep sending the same ones back to Congress, the more they keep doing it.

It’s funny, polls will often show that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied withe job that Congress is doing, yet Congressmen get re-elected well over 95% of the time. People hate what Conogress is doing, but seem to hold their own representation blameless. Why is that? Because their Senator or Representative got money to pave the roads? Big deal! They deliberately put off doing that for several years for the express purpose of having somethign tangible and concrete (no pun intended) for the voters to see when re-election time comes around. They don’t do it because it needs to be done and probably should have been done years ago. They do it because it will make you vote for them. Two or six years later, they’ll find some other responsibility that they neglected and pour money into that, again, not because it’s the right thing to do and should have been done long before, but because it will get you to vote for them. Again and again. We hate the way Washington works, but we keep sending back the same people who are doing it. Why? because we are always being told that they are the only two choices we have. If we don’t vote for the Democrat, we must vote for the Republican. Tell me, honestly. Aren’t you just the least bit tired of always having to choose between the lesser of two evils?

There are other choices, People. Go out and look for who’s filed to run for Congress. Find out what makes them different from the two major parties. If they think the problem is the two major parties, then that’s your candidate. Because if this person is okay with the way the Democrats and Republicans have been running Congress, then this person doesn’t understand the problem. To change the way Congress works, you have to change the people who get sent there.

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