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April 27, 2008

Picking My Brain 08-04-27

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So are the Mets interested in winning this year or not? Should I be investing a lot of emotion into following them all the way to the end of the season? Or should I just turn off the TV and wait for football season to start?

Craig Ferguson was fantastic at last night’s White House Correspondents Association’s Dinner last night. Go to C-SPAN to find the video of it. And I must admit that Bush was pretty funny, too.

Commercials as I’ve seen it on TV:

Announcer: Did you know that one in three men will experience prostate problems at least once in their lifetime?
Man: One in three?
Announcer: Yes, the other two will be dead by then.

David Attenborough, Nature Documentary Narrator: We’re here to observe a fascinating creature, the Geico Gekko, which has the remarkable ability to save people money on their car insurance. Let’s watch.
(cut to Geico Gekko, standing on top of an old woman, punching her, yelling)
Gekko: Where’s my money? Where’s my money, Mary? (punch) Where is it? You told me you’d have it today! (punch, punch)
Mary, between sobs: I told you I don’t have it yet. (gets slapped) Please stop hurting me.
Gekko: Don’t lie to me, Mary! I saw your Social Security check in your mail box this morning! (punch, punch)
Attenborough: Fascinating.
Okay, so maybe they showed a slightly different version in your area.

I’m fascinated by some of the reaction to my opinion post that the police should not be allowed to use deadly force when no actual danger exists but what is in their minds. People seem to want to jump at the chance to allow the police to use deadly force at, what is for all intents and purposes, their own discretion. I do not understand it

That’s it for this edition of Picking My Brain. Join us next time when we hear Sandy Duncan say, “Aw, crap, has anybody seen my eye? It popped out again!”


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