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April 24, 2009

Tortured Thoughts

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While watching Countdown tonight, something struck me.   Absorbing all of the new information regarding the torture memos;  reading the unambiguous objections of several JAGs against the torture techniques; hearing Richard Wolffe’s eloquent words – all against the background of the lies, lies, and more lies from the Bush Administration now being contradicted by the flood of information which has come out over the last few days – I finally was hit by the full and terrible realization that our country, my country, which I love for so many reasons, had died.

As I began to weep, varied images and thoughts jostled in my mind: an image of our planet, seeing the United States shadowed in shame amid the rest of the world; thoughts of what evil, inhuman beings deliberately plotted our country’s slide into that darkness; and, constantly re-emerging into the forefront, I thought of my parents.

Warring with thoughts of what emotional affect this horror would have had on each of them (both of them having deeply-ingrained, truly Christian senses of right and wrong), and comforted by the thought that it was for the best that they had not lived to see this, was the compelling feeling that I need to ‘tell’ them.  I do not visit their graves often, it is still too difficult to me, but I feel a compulsion to go there and confess to them what our beloved country, <em>my</em> beloved country, <em>their</em> beloved country, had become.   The only light in this darkness, the only hope that I have offer my parents’ souls, and to hold on to for myself, for all of us, and for America’s future, is that enough information may be revealed to bring those evil, inhuman beings to justice.

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  1. At first i was against a so called truth commission, fearing it had the potential to tear the country apart and divide it more than it already is after 8 years of Bush misrule. What changed my mind in favor is seeing a documentary called Taxi to the Dark Side. It’s repulsive that the only people who did jail time were the grunts who had no interrogation training. Obviously officers like Sanchez and Wood have to held accountable, but who gave them the orders.

    Comment by The Warden — May 4, 2009 @ 1:20 PM

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