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July 30, 2009

Writless Wonderland

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This song was originally posted on 12/18/06

Well, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 has inspired me to write this song parody about it and the removal of habeas corpus protections. It’s to the tune of the well-known song “Winter Wonderland”. Enjoy, and don’t be afraid to go around singing this version instead of the more popular one.

Writless Wonderland
Original words and music “Winter Wonderland” by Dick Smith and Felix Bernard, 1934
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2006

With this bill that I’m signing
I will now be defining
The times I say, “No.
To court you can’t go.”
Welcome to our writless wonderland.

Gone away is the old right.
Here to stay is a new fight.
We know that it’s wrong,
But just go along
With us in our writless wonderland.

In the system we can build a straw man
And pretend its reasoning is sound.
You’ll say, “Is it legal?” we’ll say, “No, man.
But go ahead and try and knock it down.”

Later on we’ll conspire
To seek out and to fire
All those who would say
We just took away
Freedom in our writless wonderland.

In addition we can let a lawman
Sneak into your house and peek around.
You’ll say “Is it legal?” we’ll say, “No, man.
But try to find a judge to knock it down.”

Here it goes, ain’t it thrilling?
I suppose that we’re killing
Your one chance to say,
“Don’t lock me away.”
Welcome to our writless wonderland.
Makes you wonder if I understand
How I made a writless wonderland

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