Pick Wayne's Brain

July 31, 2009


This song was originally posted on 01/14/07

It appears that the president may have already implemented his bold plan to do whatever it is he thinks he’s accomplishing in the Middle East. The fact that the only people supporting him (besides his wife and his dog, and no one has checked with them lately) are the people he hasn’t fired for disagreeing with him. True, the generals had been asking for more troops, but that was back when they thought it would do some good. They don’t think it will now. We have to stop this president, some how (legally). One thing that’s legal is folk protest songs. Here is “Escalation”, based on the Beatles song “Revolution”. I hope you enjoy it. And, to the best of my knowledge, the president has never used those strange words you’ll see below. I just thought they sounded like the kind of thing he would say, so I included them. You have to admit, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if you heard he really said them, would you?

UPDATE: The escalation of troops in Iraq that has commonly been called “The Surge” did not, as has been commonly thought, “work”.

Original words and music “Revolution” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1968
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2007

You say you want an escalation, well, you know,
You can’t go and change the world.
You tell us it’s an augmentation, well, you know,
You can’t just go and change the words.
But when you talk about “influxion”,
Don’t you know that you can count us out.
Don’t you know you never had no right, no right, no right

You say that it’s a real solution, well, you know,
We’d all love to see the plan.
You ask us for a “sacrifution”, well, you know,
What the hell you sayin’, man?
You think all this money fights people with minds that hate.
All I can tell you, is brother, you’re much too late.
Don’t you know you never had no right, no right, no right

You say it’s in the constitution, well, you know,
We all need to change your head.
You tell us trust your intuition, well, you know,
It’s just those voices in your head.
But if you think bulding up forces will help right now,
You ain’t gonna make it work any time anyhow.
Don’t you know you never had no right, no right, no right

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