Pick Wayne's Brain

December 13, 2014

Lazy Day

I just got back from the dentist and boy, are my arms tired! But seriously, Jokes. It’s just one of those lazy days for me, my seventh this week. So, rather than go into one of my patented long, rambling rants about how silly the whole idea of a Supreme Being having created, from nothing, every thing in the universe, I’ll just tell you that Ken Ham is very upset that he won’t get $18 million in tax breaks for his Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, and might even sue over it as a violation of his religious freedom, which he says includes the right to discriminate based on religion in his hiring practices, and the right to proselytize in the theme park. He’ll lose. And you certainly don’t want to hear me curse and swear about the Religious Conservatives who live in denial of the fact that our government is a Constitutionally secular government, no matter how much Rick Santorum and his ilk want to think otherwise. Fucking assholes. Sorry. And stop me before the Atheist in me Pontificates to Bryan Fischer about how one can’t call oneself both a Christian and a Conservative if one claims that it’s our nation’s Christianity that allows us to show any mercy at all when we torture terrorists, and that the only people not responsible for their own actions are the ones who carry out the torture (Bush’s Illegal Advisers’ opinions aside) on suspected (not proven, just suspected) terrorists because the blame for that falls on dead terrorists. I’d start spitting.

No, instead I’ll just relax, take it easy, watch something humorous on the TV machine, like the NY Jets trying to win a game, and try not to think about the horrifying number of innocent people getting murdered with impunity by police officers, all because we accept the ridiculous idea that you can imagine yourself in danger (even though you are not) and kill anybody you see and be completely immune from arrest. Too stressful. And I’ve got a kitten who wants to play.

Peace on Earth.

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