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March 28, 2016

Idiots On The Stage

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This is simply something inspired by the tone of some recent political debates. Some of it actually happened. I wish that statement did not have to include the claims about the size of their penises. What can I say? You work with what you got. I hope you enjoy this parody of Herman’s Hermits’ cover of “Silhouettes.”

Idiots On The Stage
Words and Music, “Silhouettes” by Bob Crewe, Frank C. Slay, Frank Slay Jr, 1957
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2016

Took a look at the debate, hate fest night
All their lips were curled and drawn way down tight
At the time the spot light cast two idiots on the stage
Oh what a lovely scuffle they waged

Put his arms up from his waist, held too tight
Vicious guy in second place in the fight
Wondered why they like these guys, these idiots on the stage
They couldn’t hide their fears from my eyes


—— lead guitar ——

Lost control and went to Hell, they were poor
“Knock it off or else I’ll tell ’bout your whore.”
Then two angry guys who’d been two idiots on the stage
Said to my shock, “You’ve not a long cock.”

Pushed down to the ground with stings of defeat
Shoved him like he never shoved you or me
Proud that you and I would see two idiots on the stage
All of their rage, two idiots on the stage


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