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November 22, 2008

Ambien Again

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People have reported episodes of taking Ambien and, not merely sleepwalking, but sleepliving. They’ve been found doing things like driving down to the store and going in to buy something, and not really being awake at all, just in a kind of stupor. Which made me think of this, to the tune of “Ramblin’ Man”, by the Allman Brothers Band.

Ambien Again
Original Words and Music “Ramblin’ Man” by Forrest Richard Betts, 1980
Additional Lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2008

Lord, I took Ambien again
Drivin’ down the highway and sleepin’ as fast ‘sI can
And when they pull me over
I hope they’ll understand
That I took Ambien again

My father was a doctor down in Georgia

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