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January 7, 2017

Donny’s A Liar (A Song Parody)

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In case it isn’t obvious by now, I think Donald J. Trump is more than just a bullshit artist, he’s a flat out liar.

Donny’s A Liar
Original words and music “Baby’s On Fire” by Brian Eno, 1973
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2017

Donny’s a liar
Never toes the line he ought to
Look at him laughing
Says he’d like to date his daughter

Donny’s a liar
And we’re all laughing at his bitching
Hating those photos
Oh, they spot his double chin thing


August 1, 2009

Once In My Lifetime

As they used to say on the classic TV series “I Love Lucy”, “George Bush got some ‘splainin’ to do!” (Those were the funniest episodes because everyone thought Ricky was crazy. Who the hell was George Bush? But I digress.) It just seems that so often, the truth doesn’t match what he claims it to be. (George Bush, that is, not Ricky Ricardo.) And though this isn’t true in every instance where his words contradict the facts, it is often because he has been lying (or misleading, or deliberately trying to make you believe something diametrically opposed to known facts, or whatever you want to call it. I like “lying”.)

Well, many who follow his exploits have noticed that some of these lies have resulted in violations of International Law (as well as Constitutional Law, but let’s leave that for another parody). Something about invading a country in a war of choice. No, for violations of International Law, it’s the World Court. So I wondered what would he think about all his lying once it put him on trial in the Hague.

And, as you sing this one to yourself, I think it would help a great deal if during the chorus, you hold your arms above your head and wave them and then bend at the waist and wave your arms downward, back and forth with each line. And when you get to the “Same as it ever was” part, hold your left arm out in front of you, bent at the elbow, and run your right hand from the crook of your elbow to the fingertips in a downward chopping motion. Get into the “feel” of the song. And if anyone catches you doing that, make sure you’re singing out loud and they’ll be sure to understand. Don’t be afraid to look foolish; it’s how we entertain each other. Admit it, it’s hard to resist doing that when you hear the original song, “Once In A Lifetime”.

Thank you, Jane. And, for the record, I have no idea what the political views or personal feelings toward our president are of Mr. Byrne, Mr. Eno, or the members of Talking Heads, who collaborated on the original 1980 song “Once in a Lifetime.” If this in any way offends them then two things: 1) I apologize; and, 2) How the hell did you ever find out about my blog?

Once In My Lifetime
Original Words and Music “Once in a Lifetime” by David Byrne, Brian Eno, and Talking Heads ©1980
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider ©2007

And he may find himself sitting in a witness chair
And he may find himself in another part of the world
And he may find himself before a judge in a large courtroom setting
And he may find himself in a horrible cell, with a horrible life
And he may ask himself, “Well…how did I get here?”

Living a life of lies, Sure was bound to bring me down

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