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July 27, 2009

Good News Olbermann

Now we find out that Dick Cheney was fighting hard to have the military go into an American city (in this case, Buffalo, NY) and arrest the group later known as the Lackawanna Six. Luckily for us he lost that fight. But one question remains: Why is Dick Cheney still walking free?

Good News Olbermann
Original words and music “Sunshine Superman” by Donovan
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2009

Good news came slowly a-through my
a-inbox today
Could’ve skipped it easy a-but it
It changed my day
It’s a big crime, I know it
but in a while
You’re gonna do time, I know it,
Despite your denial

‘Cause I made my mind up you’re going to do time
I’ll tell you right now

January 18, 2009

Too Much Crime On My Hands

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Well, it won’t be long before George W. Bush is sitting at the inauguration of his successor, thinking about how much trouble he might be in. (Sorry I couldn’t find a video to post with this one; all the good ones were taken down by request.)

Too Much Crime On My Hands
Original Words and Music “Too Much Time On My Hands”, by Tommy Shaw
Additional Lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2009

Yeah, I’m sittin’ on this grandstand
Giving out the glad hand
Got the twelve o’clock noon blues
And I’ve given up hope
‘Cause I can’t really cope

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