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August 6, 2009

Capitol Hill

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Thios song was originally posted on 7/09/07

Well, as more and more people are saying, it’s time to bring the troops home from Iraq. There is nothing more that can be accomplished militarily. The Iraqis themselves have to want the violence to end and to live in peace (as I hope we all would, so STFU Sen Lieberman). This time I turned to the Peter Gabriel classic, “Solisbury Hill” to express myself. (In case some of you don’t reciognize the song by that title, think “My heart was going boom boom boom”. Yeah, that’s the one.) As usual, thank you, Jane, for your helpful critiques. And I can only hope that Mr. Gabriel forgives me.

Capitol Hill
Original Words and Music “Solisbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2007

Climbing up on Capitol Hill
I could see I’d have a fight
Legislators standing still
Need to show ‘em what is right

Here is something I observed
Came up here to have my voice
No one seemed to have the nerve
Had to tell ‘em, “You have no choice”

They did not believe the information
Just have to trust in my persuasion
Iraq is going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM
I said, (more…)

August 3, 2009

Go Ask Congress

This song was originally posted on 06/22/07

The troops have been in Iraq far too long. There is nothing left for them to accomplish militarily that will have any lasting effects without serious political changes on the part of the Iraqi people, and they don’t seem all that eager to hold up their end of the bargain. In the meantime, our brave men and women are dying a pointless death. Bring them home now. Contact your Representative and Senators and tell them to put an end to the war in Iraq right now. Sing them this song if you have to.

This is to the tune of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” (also known as “Go Ask Alice”). I hope you enjoy it.

Go Ask Congress
Original words and music “White Rabbit” by Grace Slick and Darby Slick.
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2007

One bill starts in Summer and
One bill starts in Fall.
But the ones that Bush would sign now
Won’t do anything at all.
Go ask Congress,
To get on the ball.

And if you go march in protests,
And you think it’ll help to call,
Tell ‘em our (more…)

July 31, 2009


This song was originally posted on 01/14/07

It appears that the president may have already implemented his bold plan to do whatever it is he thinks he’s accomplishing in the Middle East. The fact that the only people supporting him (besides his wife and his dog, and no one has checked with them lately) are the people he hasn’t fired for disagreeing with him. True, the generals had been asking for more troops, but that was back when they thought it would do some good. They don’t think it will now. We have to stop this president, some how (legally). One thing that’s legal is folk protest songs. Here is “Escalation”, based on the Beatles song “Revolution”. I hope you enjoy it. And, to the best of my knowledge, the president has never used those strange words you’ll see below. I just thought they sounded like the kind of thing he would say, so I included them. You have to admit, you probably wouldn’t be surprised if you heard he really said them, would you?

UPDATE: The escalation of troops in Iraq that has commonly been called “The Surge” did not, as has been commonly thought, “work”.

Original words and music “Revolution” by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, 1968
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2007

You say you want an escalation, well, you know,
You can’t go and change the world.
You tell us it’s an augmentation, well, you know,
You can’t just go and change the words.

April 29, 2008

What Is It Going To Take, John Hall?

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I’ve told you every time I’ve met you, Congressman John Hall (D, NY-19), that I wanted you and the Democrats to put an end to the war in Iraq and to hold President Bush and Vice President Cheney accountable for their many, many, many, many (and very many more) violations both of law, and of their constitutional oaths to “faithfully execute the office” they were each about to enter. Neither of these men has done anything “faithfully” since they took office. I thought you understood that! You looked me in the eye and agreed with me that they were awful in their disregard for the law. And you dared to foist upon me your lame excuse, when we met again this past Saturday, about why our troops are still in Iraq and Bush and Cheney are still running around free. You actually tried to tell me that it was our fault, the voters, that you “couldn’t” do anything about Bush and Cheney, because we didn’t send enough of you Democrats to Congress. Well, John, that is bull-fucking-shit, and you know it! (more…)

April 26, 2008

Congress Critter On My Corner

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Today, as part of his ongoing “Congress On Your Corner” program, my US Representative, John Hall (D, NY-19), was at our local post office to listen to constituent views and help people who need the help of their Congressman. I was willing to wait until he had helped all of the people who actually needed their congressman’s help, but one of the people helping him out insisted that I get in line to speak to him. So I did. And I have to say I was thoroughly dissatisfied with his responses.

I reminded him that when I met him two years ago, I told him that the two most important things to me were ending the war in Iraq, and holding the president and vice president accountable for their many violations of the constitution. And while I appreciate all that he has done, I was disappointed that he and his fellow Democrats have failed to do those two things. His reply, to both of these issues, was, essentially, that the Democrats didn’t have enough votes. That’s (more…)

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