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September 18, 2008

Boulevard of Spoken Schemes

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The more I listen to Sen John McCain speak on the campaign trail, the more I am convinced that he’s full of shit. Or demented. Or both. And when he talks, he talks a shitload of lies and revisions of history, especially his own. So, for example, does he favor more regulation of the stock markets and greater oversight, or is he still “fundamentally, a de-regulator”? Here is Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” to help me say it better. And, as always, thank you, Jane for your help.

Boulevard of Spoken Schemes
Original words and music, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day, 2004
Additional lyrics by Wayne A. Schneider, 2008.

I talk a phony ‘load
The only kind that I have ever known
Don’t know if it shows
But it’s fun for me and I talk a ‘load

I talk this empty streak
On the Boulevard of Spoken Schemes
Where the country weeps
And I’m the phony one and I talk a ‘load

I talk a ‘load
I talk a ‘load
I talk a ‘load
I talk a…

My shadow’s Phony Joe that talks beside me

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