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December 27, 2017

Everybody Taunts You

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I thought I was through with these silly things, but this one was aching to get out. You know who it’s about.

Everybody Taunts You
Original words and music “Everybody Wants You” by William H Squier, 1982
Additional lyrics by Wayne A Schneider, 2017

You think they’re coming for you every night
Such apprehension would call for you to tread light
This POTUS business, you think it’s a bore
It makes you restless, it’s something you can’t do much more

Get outta town, spend our dime on your fun
You never let up, say you’ll make one more run
You never miss a round and you’ve played quite a few
“You oughta go away!”, everybody taunts you

You crave affection, you can never say so
Throw your invective anyway the wind blows
You always fake that you’re on top of the scene
You make up copies like the cover of Time magazine

Putting out the lies helping nobody else
You never realize what you do to yourself
The things that you tweet make the evening news
“You’ll never be free!”, everybody taunts you

Everybody jeers you
Everybody sneers you
Everybody speaks true, tweaks you, freaks you

Seeds of confusion that you’ll toss as you speak
Days on the Twitter, bitching all about the leaks
You got your story, you lied through it all
We’ll take your statement with sodium thiopental

Say goodbye to Congressional ties
You can’t escape the truth, you lose track of your lies
The more we understand, seems the less like you do
“You’ll never get away!”, everybody taunts you

Everybody taunts you
Everybody taunts you

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